A symbol for auditory processing disorder, OptimistJenna.com. The symbol is an ear with a question mark inside

A Symbol for Auditory Processing Disorder

I’m Jenna Breunig and I draw art related to neurodivergence. I’ve found symbols for ADHD, autism, and more to use in my art. Yet I couldn’t find a symbol for auditory processing disorder online. So, I invented my own.

This symbol is an ear with a question mark inside it. The question mark looks sort of like ear details, with the dot resembling an earring.

My hope is that it’s easy to draw and easy to understand.

How This Symbol Relates to Auditory Processing Disorder

a green ear symbol with a question mark inside

Have you ever used auto-generated captions on a live meeting and watched it try to transcribe? Sometimes it pauses or goes back and revises words because it just figured out what was said.

When you have auditory processing disorder (APD), your brain is like that. Your “closed captions” aren’t being created well. It hears the sounds, but it takes more time and effort to translate them into words. So, it can lag, miss things, or get things wrong.

So, what does that mean for people with APD?

  1. It takes us longer to process what’s said.
    1. For example, if you say “think fast” and throw something, we may catch the object before we realize what you said. (Unless it’s me. I’m clumsy and I won’t catch it.)
    2. We may take longer pauses in conversations.
  2. We miss words and say “what?” more often.
    1. We may say “What?” and then figure out what was said. We’re not trying to bug you, it’s just a laggy brain.
  3. Background noise makes it worse. So do weird acoustics (like auditoriums or talking on the phone).
  4. It’s easier to forget what someone said. Also, it may be harder to follow spoken directions.
    1. So, it’s nice to see things written down.
  5. Subtitles are a girl’s best friend. You know, if that girl has APD and doesn’t want to miss anything.

I figure an ear with a question mark sums that up pretty well.

Using this Auditory Processing Disorder Symbol

A green and white sticker saying auditory processing disorder with a symbol of an ear with a question mark inside
You can have it as a sticker, shirt, or whatever makes you happy.

I made this symbol for people to enjoy. You can download it and use it in your artwork. Or, you can draw your own. But if you plan to sell designs, please make something original instead of pasting my art and calling it a day.

I drew a green version because green is the color for auditory processing disorder awareness. But if another color works better for your project, then feel free to go with that.

If you want to buy something with the symbol, then you can visit my RedBubble shop. It doesn’t cover the costs of hosting this blog, but I do love sharing my art.

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