I made a little RedBubble shop just for fun! It’s a way to get my art as stickers or T-shirts and support the blog.


Here are a few of the designs you can get. They come in many formats.

When you click a design, you’ll be able to choose different formats (like shirts, pins, stickers, etc.).

How a RedBubble Shop Works

What is RedBubble? It’s a popular platform for artists to sell their work. After I upload my drawing, I can offer it as a shirt, sticker, pin, bag, and more. RedBubble does all the hard work for me and I get part of the money.

If you see a design you like but you want it in a different format, then RedBubble will probably give you that option. For example, if you want the “Bee Kind” drawing as a pin, you can get it.

Gift Tips

These products can be great presents for the neurodivergent people you love!

If you’re buying clothes, remember:

  • Make sure you know their clothes size. Also, a too-big shirt can be worn but a too-small one can’t.
  • Check the materials if they’re sensitive. Usually, 100% cotton is best. Scroll down to the “Features” section to see what it’s made of.

I have a RedBubble “essential T-shirt” and it is sensory-friendly.

(Full disclosure: I buy these things too! I just like them a lot.)