My mission statement: disability education,

My Mission: Disability Education

Many people don’t know the basics about disability. They see it as something foreign, abnormal, or scary. But for some of us, it’s part of everyday life. So, my mission is to help people learn and get comfortable with disability.

How can I help people understand disability?

I can share the facts. I’ll blend research and personal experience. Research grounds us in broader truths. Personal stories help people relate and connect things to daily life.

I focus on neurodivergence because it’s what I know best. I’m dyspraxic, Katie has Down syndrome, and Red is autistic. But I include info on other disabilities too.

I try to write plainly. Not everyone reads (or wants to read) at a college level. I want teens and people with cognitive disabilities to understand me too. So, I work on simple and clear writing.

I use disability-friendly language. Sometimes, people write cruel or thoughtless things about disabled people. They even do it in research and guides meant to “help.” But it hurts and isolates people. I always assume disabled people will read my blog. So, I aim to help them feel valued and respected.

I can encourage conversation. While I share family stories, there are so many stories out there. I hope my blog sparks conversation. So, you can speak up in the comments or use my blog to start a conversation somewhere else.

I’ll keep learning. The disability community is huge and always changing. There’s so much to learn.

My Disability Mission

Sometimes, it’s hard to make time to work on this blog. I’m a neurodivergent person handling a full-time job and my family’s needs. I wish I could do much more.

I’ll make the best of what I have. I want to keep teaching people. And I hope my work will make a difference.

Today, I tried writing from a prompt. I’ll keep trying new things to make my blog the best it can be.

Daily writing prompt
What is your mission?

Do you want to learn more about disability? You can read about autism, Down syndrome, and more.

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