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Single? 4 Ways to Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day

I’m single this Valentine’s day, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Not all of us will spend the time selecting gifts, planning date nights, or debating how to make a partner happy.

It’s a lot simpler this way, isn’t it? Of course, some single people wish they weren’t single, and that’s a normal feeling to have too. Regardless of how you feel about being single, you can show yourself a little self-love today.

4. Enjoy Some “Me Time”

doodle of Jenna watching TV with a Rubik's cube with words saying not every moment has to be goal-driven
Netflix and cube (Instagram)

How often do we get to sit down, put aside all distractions, and lose ourselves in something we enjoy?

Make time for yourself. Your personal happiness needs to be a priority. It might not always be priority number one, but it ought to be on your list.

Think about what you really enjoy doing alone. Do you like to read, stroll, take warm baths, or binge-watch? Make some time for that! No guilt is allowed here. This time is for restoring your mental state and helping you feel good. Then, when it’s time to return to the tasks and demands of the outside world, you’ll feel refreshed.

3. Get Yourself Chocolates

I am a strong, independent woman who doesn’t need a man to bring her chocolates. (Especially since I’m not attracted to men.)

I’ll be getting myself chocolates. It’s the best deal, since I know exactly what kind I like and there’s no germy man involved. Besides, Valentine’s candy is often overpriced chocolate stuffed in an unnecessary plastic container. As for me? I’ll take a bunch of Reese’s in bulk. What’s sexier than buying more chocolate for less money?

If you’re allergic to chocolate or cutting back on desserts, you can still treat yourself. Buy some tasty fruit, cute costume jewelry, or flowers. Or maybe just toss some fuzzy socks in your shopping cart. (We could all use some fuzzy socks.)

Also consider observing the special day after Valentine’s: Discount Chocolate Day.

2. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Katie, a young woman with Down syndrome, smiling and holding out a Rubik's cube
I’m spending Valentine’s night with Katie.

Who else in your life is single? They might love to make some Valentine’s plans!

I chose to spend my Valentine’s day morning taking a long walk with my brother. He talked about his favorite games. I talked about my blog and a minor but annoying health issue. After that, he showed me some videos from “Lockpicking Lawyer,” which were fun to see. Both of us enjoyed the chance to catch up with each other.

You can spend time with people regardless of relationship status. My sister has a boyfriend, but since we’re in a pandemic, she won’t be going anywhere in person with him. After their afternoon Zoom call, she’ll be spending the evening without him.

Thus, we’ll have time to watch a show together. We’ve just started Kipo, which I believe is one of the sweetest shows on Netflix. (Have you seen it yet? If not, there’s an idea for your evening.) We’ll eat popcorn and chat about what happens onscreen.

Nobody loves me romantically right now, but my family has always loved me. I won’t forget to be grateful for that.

1. Ask Yourself What You Need

What has been troubling you lately? What do you think will make you happier?

If you’re feeling behind on housework, then get it done today. Think of that productive feeling you’ll get when you look around at a clean space.

If you’re overworked, give yourself a break. Do something that relaxes you. Lie in bed with your phone, watch a good show on the couch, or do something else. Just make sure that it’s something truly relaxing instead of fake relaxing. (I don’t know who needs to hear this, but scrolling through your ex’s social media does not count as self-care.)

Listen to your instincts about what you need. For me today, that’s exercise, healthy food, family time, and time to doodle. It might look different for you.

We all need different things at different times. What will help you have a fun Valentine’s day? Use that to make some plans.

Regardless of the state of your love life, you need time for self-love. Be your own Valentine. We all deserve a little love.

4 thoughts on “Single? 4 Ways to Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day”

  1. Happy Valentine’s, Jenna! It sounds like you found a wonderful and meaningful way to celebrate. And very nice to see your smiling sister! 💕

    1. Thanks, Ab! That picture was taken in the evenings, around the time when we watch our show. I like to keep my hands busy, so I bring my cube and solve it during the show. Sometimes I ask if she’d like to scramble it for me. She’s not always in the mood, but this time, she said yes.

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