Reflecting on My January 2021 Writing

I could have called this “my January 2021 post roundup,” but I think there’s more to this, you know? I’d like to go over not just what I wrote this month, but the lessons I’m learning.

Guest Posts

COVID Anxiety: How to Cope

girl in a mask

Handling anxiety about COVID-19 isn’t easy. You can’t control everything, but these strategies can help you focus and stay calm.

I though writing a COVID article would be timely. Honestly, though, I found it stressful. As someone with a very high-risk sister, I prefer to stay home and avoid dwelling on it.

Next time, I think I’ll keep my own feelings in mind before I write something because it’s timely. That’s all I’ll say on that!

Bisexual Partners: How to Support Them

bisexual couple holding hands

When your partner comes out as bisexual, you may be unsure what it means or how to support them. Here’s what to try.

This is another article for LGBTQ love! I enjoyed writing about bisexuality, the myths, and how to be a great partner.

Enmeshment: When People Become Too Close

girl clings to boyfriend

It’s good to share things, but sharing everything is a problem. Enmeshment happens when you lose yourself in a relationship.

In case you haven’t noticed, I like long words. Usually, I try not to use them, but I’ll make an exception for when I’m teaching something new.

Usually, I write more about romantic relationships for Cheryl. (Yes, it’s ironic, the forever single girl writing about dating.) However, as I researched enmeshment, I noticed that parent-child relationships are a common setting. So, if you have overbearing parents, this might be worth a read!

Complex PTSD: When Trauma Becomes Part of Your Personality

sad boy with counselor

Trauma affects everyone differently. When you have complex PTSD, it affects your beliefs and your very personality.

This one is a little sad, but it’s also so important. The truth is, more of us have been through trauma than we realize. It isn’t all about soldiers and sexual violence survivors. Kids raised in rough households, people who faced serious bullying, and other people living through hostile situations can develop trauma.

It can look like depression, introversion, anxiety, or aloofness. However, it isn’t. I hope that, by writing about this, I can help people name their problems.

Yes, the core theme of my writing is optimism and happiness. However, optimism without reality is delusion. The first step to living your best life is identifying your problems. I want to help people do that. Once you have a name for it, it’s easier to create a plan to overcome it.

January 2021: My Blog

Balancing blogging with a full-time job and a side of caregiving isn’t easy, but I managed to write a bit! Granted, I would have liked to write more than just two posts, but it is what it is.

She May Be Slow, But

badly edited photo of my sister reading

A few years ago, I gave away a book that was beyond Katie’s reading level.

Why do we assume that learning stops at age 18? Too many families of disabled people start preparing for worst-case scenarios, assuming that their loved one is going to be stuck at the same skill level for the rest of their lives.

Honestly, I’m not loving the cover I made for it. It’s ugly. I’m sorry, but it is. I’m going to redo that, and then I’ll cross out this paragraph once I have something that doesn’t hurt my eyes.

5 Ways I Stopped Being an Unhappy Person

Jenna Breunig holding a tulip with the words how I stopped being an unhappy person

I was a miserable person in my late teenage years. Here’s how I turned my life around to become happier and healthier.

Look at my first listicle! Honestly, I went all out for it.

That’s not a stock photo. That’s me, holding a tulip from my mom’s vase, standing in the hall upstairs. I edited it in my art program and imported it into Canva to arrange the text and rectangle. I’m really happy with the result!

What I Wish I Did Differently

I wish I had made more time for my blog. I worked on drafts, but didn’t finish most of them.

Blogging is something I deeply enjoy. I’m trying to make more time for my writing. However, between a full-time job and family obligations, I’ve been struggling to set aside time.

social media is supposed to make you happy
January 2021 was a doodling month.

What I’m Happy I Did

I started focusing on Instagram and posting there about once a day. Currently, I’m posting a mix of photos and doodles. I’m also spending more time commenting and connecting with the community. I’m enjoying that a lot and it’s helping grow my audience.

I’ve also picked up cubing as a hobby. I’m now able to solve a Rubik’s cube in under 3 minutes. I know I have the potential to get faster, especially once I learn the F2L method. I also discovered a thriving cubing community on Instagram, which has been fun to explore.

holding a Rubik's cube with a rainbow stripe pattern wearing an lgbtq rainbow stripe shirt with the word love
Cubes for inclusion!

I also got a new desk, tried out new music, and spent lots of time with family. Things are looking up in that regard.

This month, my goals are to:

  • Post more on my blog
  • Make more friends and grow my blog
  • Continue growing my Instagram
  • Keep doodling
  • Get faster with my Rubik’s cube

It’s a lot, but I feel like I can take it on.

How was your January in 2021? I’d love to hear what your life has been like. Do you have February goals too?

Let’s hope this will be a great month for all of us!

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