February 2021 disability roundup with pink flowers and an amputee woman holding a flower

February 2021 Disability Roundup

What were disabled and disability ally bloggers writing about this February 2021? Here are a few of the pieces I enjoyed reading.

Understanding Disability and Mental Illness

Autism and Empathy (Actually Autistic Jessica)

Stories about autism and empathy are full of myths. When Jessica took two empathy tests, she got very different results. This is a short and sweet intro to types of empathy.

Is Autism a Disorder? (The Autistic Writer)

What is a “disorder,” really? In this piece, Darren Scothern debunks a few illogical arguments. Autistic people may be different, but that doesn’t make them “out of order.”

How to Help Someone Online Suffering from Depression (My Rockin’ Disabled Life)

Sometimes, reporting a post does more harm than good. If you notice that someone seems depressed, then you may not know what to do. Avoid being presumptuous. Instead, here are a few steps you can take.

7 Things We Wish People Knew About Life with a Heart Condition (The Hop Scot)

What is it like to have a heart condition? This in-depth piece with fun drawings shares a few facts.

Disability Access

Zoom Live Transcription (Instructional Design that Works)

If you’re deaf or living with auditory processing issues, then it may be hard to understand spoken words. Here’s a guide for getting captions for Zoom.

Louie Voice: The Creative Solution to a Sight Loss Problem (Bold Blind Beauty)

Not all apps are accessible for blind people. When a friend helped him call an Uber, one blind man got an idea. He created the “Louie” app. Named after the inventor of Braille, it makes voice control easier.

Should You Be Kicked Out of a Store for Wearing a Clear Mask? (The Aural Report)

A mom and daughter were turned away from Chapters. Why? Because the mom wore a mask with a clear window. The daughter needs to read lips due to a hearing impairment.

I did a little digging. Currently, there’s no data on clear face masks. Experts think they should be okay as long as they’re well-made. Pairing them with a face shield could also help. Some hospital workers wear them, which suggests they must be pretty safe.

Life and Love

A Wheelchair-Accessible Lafayette Louisiana Travel Guide (Curb-Free with Cory Lee)

Where can you enjoy yourself in Lafayette if you or a loved one uses a wheelchair? Cory shares an in-depth guide. Even if you can walk, you might enjoy all the fun photos!

Morals, Not Politics (All the Ups and Downs)

People shouldn’t use the r-word and degrade people with Down syndrome. Besides, it’s not “politically incorrect.” It’s morally and factually incorrect. This piece discusses an ableist comment by a politician. After all, these things matter regardless of political party.

Disabled and Pregnant: The First Trimester (Undercover Superhero)

Note: If you’re squeamish about blood and medical stuff, then this may not be the easiest read.

I learned a few things about what the first trimester is like thanks to this honest blog post.

Bridge Park (Typically Not Typical)

Heather Phonaker, mom to a girl with Down syndrome, writes about a trip to a park. When her son urged her to go down a slide despite her fear of heights, she had a decision to make. Is it about disability? Not really. Is it worth a read anyway? Yes!

Down Syndrome: She’s Not My Teacher (my blog)

Have you read this yet? If you haven’t, then maybe you’d like to! Here, I talk about how people with disabilities are portrayed as one-dimensional. In reality, my sister Katie is much more than a teacher.


Goodbye, February!

I’m glad I got to read more this month. February 2021 was busy for me, but I got to connect with the disability community a bit on WordPress and Instagram. I also joined a few Facebook groups related to disability. They’re more fun than I thought they’d be!

I was planning a Sunday blog post release, but then forgot it was the end of February. So, stay tuned: you get 2 posts today!

What Have You Read?

What disability-related blog posts have you enjoyed this month? Share them here! Show off your own writing or share appreciation for a friend. (You don’t need to be shy!)

We’ve gotten through another month together. Let’s hope the next month is a good one!

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