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Disability Blog Roundup: November 2020

While I explore WordPress, it strikes me how much the disability community thrives here. Disabled people and their loved ones share helpful and heartfelt posts. I decided to do a roundup of a few posts I’ve enjoyed this November. Check them out!

This month is also National Epilepsy Awareness Month. Try exploring the Epilepsy Foundation’s website to learn more about seizures and how you can help.

November Disability Roundup


Representation Matters! (My Incredible Ivy)

Lindsay Filcik’s spot-on piece describes the importance of disabled role models. She also shares delightful photos of disabled girls with dolls who look like them.

Clear Face Masks Are Also For Veterans (The Aural Report)

Did you know that 1/3 of people who leave the military have hearing damage? Try supporting veterans by putting on a transparent mask.

It’s my birthday! Plus, thinking about expectations (Speaking of Autism)

Quincy describes how typical birthday parties can be hard for autistic people. After all, parties are only fun if they’re low-stress and sensory-friendly.

The reason to stop telling children not to stare at disabled people (Kerry Thompson)

Staring might not be polite, but kids are curious. After all, stopping them might teach them that disability is shameful. Wheelchair user Kerry Thompson describes what she prefers.


Mindfulness and Sensory Processing Disorder (Path of Happiness)

Mindfulness makes you more aware of your environment. However, that can be painful for sensitive people. Choosing the right type of mindfulness might help.

Types of Seizures: What You Need to Know (EpiFinder)

Okay, you caught me. I wrote this one. Check it out to learn more about epilepsy and seizure first aid. After all, It could come in handy someday!


Photo Sensitive Epilepsy (Keto Cook)

Watching TV can trigger seizures in some types of epilepsy. An upcoming computer program can turn movies into slideshows. Then they can be safe to watch.

How Virtual Reality Can Help Disabled People (Cogentica)

Sienna Fisher describes how virtual reality creates opportunities for people with disabilities. Using virtual reality creates new options for school, recreation, and more.

What Have You Read?

What disability-related blog posts have you enjoyed this month? Share them here! Show off your own writing or share appreciation for a friend. (You don’t need to be shy!)

We’ve gotten through another month together. Let’s hope the next month is a good one!

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