My December 2020 Roundup

Here’s my personal roundup for December 2020. Check these out in case you missed them!

This was a busy blogging month, mostly for Quantum Psych! Typically, I do four articles per month there, but this time it’s five (since I’ve been posting on Tuesdays).

Psychology Articles

two women lying in bed together with an overlay of the asexuality flag

You’re Not Broken: Asexuality in Relationships

Asexual people may fall in love, but they don’t feel sexual attraction. Here’s how to keep a healthy romantic relationship.

Cheryl Wheeler, the blog’s owner, told me that she wanted her content to be LGBT-friendly. Writing this one was a treat. I’ve heard too many stories about asexual people thinking there was something “wrong” with them, so I wanted to put that myth to rest.

I know that Quantum Psych’s blog is small at this point, but I truly hope this helps someone.

How Emotional Neglect Hurts Children

Childhood emotional neglect can hurt a child’s self-esteem and ability to bond with others. Here’s what it means and what you can do.

sad little girl alone on a swing

Do my articles resemble pop psychology vocabulary lessons? Maybe they do. Honestly, I just like teaching people new concepts.

young couple on a bench with the woman looking reflectively away

What is Gaslighting, Really?

Abusers love gaslighting, but they aren’t the only ones who do it. Here’s what gaslighting looks like and how to protect yourself.

I noticed that readers liked articles related to narcissism and dealing with abuse. That helped inspire this one. People throw around the word “gaslighting” without always understanding it. I thought I’d research the topic and explain what it means.

Embracing Anger

Despite what you may have heard, anger isn’t evil. Staying in touch with your feelings can help you take action for the better.

angry woman

When I was younger, I thought anger was an emotion for bad people. (That’s how it looked in Disney movies.) Now that I’m older, I’ve recognized that hiding from anger isn’t healthy. Anger isn’t bad; unhealthy ways of dealing with anger are bad. Anger could inspire good things if you handle it with maturity.

Maybe I mistitled this one since it didn’t get noticed as much as I had hoped.

photo of beads spelling the words mommy needs me

The Lasting Impacts of Parentification

Parentification happens when a parent pushes a child into an adult role and deprives them of support. Here’s how to heal.

Oh, look, that’s a photo I took!

I used my own photo because I couldn’t find anything good on Pexels. There was a series with a little girl doing nice things for her mom. However, Pexels asks that people not portray identifiable people in a negative light. I wanted to respect that. (I’m sure the woman in the stock photo is a great mother.)

I’m considering sharing some of my own photography as stock images online. Is anyone here interested in that?

My Personal Blog

#SiblingsDontSuffer from Down Syndrome

The show Emmerdale claims that parents should consider how a child with Down syndrome would affect other siblings. Let’s look at the facts.

I love facts and data. So, when Emmerdale made claims about Down syndrome and siblings, I decided to see what the numbers supported.

I took that photo too!

This is one of my favorite blog posts, even though it (like most of my other blog posts) received little attention. After all, it involves both quantitative data and my sister. What’s better than that?

how to claim WordPress sites on Pinterest for free
Maybe I’ll be good at graphic design someday.

How to Claim WordPress Sites on Pinterest for Free

You don’t need Yoast SEO to claim a WordPress site as your own on Pinterest. You don’t even need a paid plan! Here’s how to do it yourself.

While I was working with a client’s Pinterest, I noticed the option to claim WordPress sites. Most of the online tutorials said that you’d need to use Yoast or another plugin.

Well, I’m happy to announce that they’re wrong! Regardless of whether you pay for the privilege of premium WordPress features, you can link it up to Pinterest. It’s a simple process, too.

This post also made it onto EpiBuild’s blog. Rumor has it that some people at EpiBuild are considering scrapping the blog. I don’t know what will happen there, but regardless, my how-to posts will always be here for you.

Looking Forward to 2021

For me, as for most of us, 2021 can’t come soon enough. This year, I want to spend more time playing piano and reading.

In addition, I hope to hit my stride as a blogger in 2021. Right now, I still feel like I’m fumbling around, trying to determine what my blog is meant to be about. I’m hoping to find my focus and write articles with meaning for people. (If there are any topics you hope I’ll cover, please feel free to share!)

Finally, I’d like to say thanks to my 35 followers. I started blogging in October and I never expected to meet so many people and receive so many kindness. Thanks for being here with me. I hope we can share a wonderful 2021 together.

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